About Practitioner

I firmly believe that life is a journey. Sometimes it feels like a quest or an adventure and other times it seems like a tragedy. In life there can be repeating obstacles and roadblocks; personally and professionally. We can get lost, confused, disillusioned, and wonder what we are doing, why we keep getting stuck or how to move forward in life…

To overcome such situations and moments, if we can develop self awareness and accountability, we can create an opportunity, which can help us to see the world, relationships and life more clearly and positively. It is important to know our inner workings and issues, so that we can solve them. Looking at our past is not an attempt to change or rehash things, we have done but to put to rest the unsettled/unfinished things for us to move ahead in our current life.

With the art of ThetaHealing, we can change our life surroundings/situations, solve our problems and move ahead in life. Thetahealing is a stage where we develop the ability to change ourselves on every level: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually by slowing down the brain waves and moving into a Theta brain wave state and then connecting to the energy of creator of all that is.

By changing our beliefs we can effectively change our thinking and feelings. We can reach a level of empowerment, which comes from the ability to instantly remove negative emotions, feelings and thoughts and replace them with positive and beneficial emotions, feelings and thoughts.

As a theta healer, my effort is to help you all who are struggling and are facing various life challenges, such as loss, trauma, addiction and depression. My work will give you the strength to face yourself honestly and to venture deeper into your problems and solve them. It will make you more effective and compassionate.

Bhawna Datta – A Theta Healer who understands your problems and shows you the right path to overcome your fears, problems and pain. A Certified Theta Healer from California Hypnotist Institute – Delhi and has also completed Integrated Course on PLRT and Foreign Energy Dynamics.
Bhawna Datta is a Theta healer with hands on experience in mental, physical, emotional & spiritual healing. She is a trained in regression therapist and a clinical hypnotherapist and has been practicing professionally since 2007.

“All learning is spiritual development at some level, but integrating it into your innate spiritual self opens the avenue to a greater depth of feeling and satisfaction in all facets of life.”