Regression Therapy

What is Regression Therapy?
Are you aware that most of our problems, whether psychological or psychosomatic, arise from our experiences that we may or may not remember? By regression, a person is made to get in touch with or relive those memories that still interfere with our present and create a disturbance in our current circumstances. Regression therapy is a therapeutic process that uses one’s earlier life experiences as source material to resolve current problems.

The process creates a sense of understanding, integration and ultimately purification from the past experiences. By regression we connect with the past.

What is past life regression?
Past life regression is based on re-incarnation. This model is considered a religious or metaphysical belief. The therapist here assist the client in exploring and discovering their own beliefs about the existence of their past life experiences. And such experiences result to therapeutic movement within themselves. Starting in the mid of 1960s certain hypnotists began noticing that some of their clients, under hypnosis were automatically regressing into past life.

When we cross the boundaries of current life to relive images and experiences from our past lives such a regression is called Past Life Regression. Exploring past lives enables a person to have a deeper insight to an experience, which may be hovering around one’s present and can be unsettling.

With the help of regression therapy one can resolve their fears and phobias, dealing with traumas, relationship issues and illness. Each session is directed towards Catharsis, which is an emotional release that leads to emotional peace.