I have known Bhawna Datta for more than 20 years. She is a very dear friend and a great healer. Even though we are miles apart from each other, Bhawna is always accessible through mobile/email/ what's app.. Bhawna's helpful nature has made her go strength to strength. Her scanning of the person is very accurate. She has helped me a lot of times to ease any physical or mental pain. I wish her great success and lot of luck.

Best Wishes,
Aarti Gauri

I've seen Ms Bhawna in various roles in a therapeutic set up. Her passion and intuitive abilities to uncover human psyche is admirable. I've seen many people feel healed in her presence. Her ability to uplift energies and infuse positivity can be very infectious. I definitely recommend her for holistic healings.

Dr Ritu Singh

Bhawna is sensitive, intuitive and a natural healer. She has a unique way of interacting with people. She can get to the root of the problem quickly, identify it and start the healing and recovery immediately.
There is a confidence in Bhawna which makes the client relax and helps in the healing process. As a hypnotherapist, Bhawna is dedicated and focused. Speaking for myself, I am a tough client to get into a trance. Yet Bhawna managed with ease, gave me the necessary suggestions and I am quite relieved of my issues.
The prime factor in my mind a healer and therapist should have the ability to let the patient feel secure and comfortable. 

Thank you bhawna
Romi dev

If I have evolved spiritually as a person then the credit goes to Bhawna Datta. Through her Theta healing I have been able to cruise through the rough weather in my life.I look up to her as a life coach , bursting with positivity n compassion. She is able to relate  to a persons problem.


My gratitude and appreciation to a great theta healer Bhawna Datta for her invaluable work. She is always accessible and her scanning of a person is very accurate. She has helped me a lot of times to ease my physical and mental pain. I wish her more and more success in future.

Sheena Sandhu

Bhawna came as a saviour in my life when at the age of just 38 years I realised that I had one health issue after the other pilling on. I had Hypothyroidism, PCOD, Deteriorating Vision- did not want to wear specs, could not wear lens since after laser surgery ur cornea flattens n the lens does not stay in the eye. I was becoming over wt, when I decided to surrender to this angel completly n follow her to the T. When I say "Angel" a person needs to earn it for someone to use those words for them, she acted like one....always a message away, giving distant healing on a daily basis apart from the personal sessions that we had. I feel for these kind of healings you need to have total faith in the healer, to heal quicker. We worked as a team n over a period of 3 mnths I had lost over 4 kgs, was eating healthy by choice, my Thyroid, PCOD was all well on its way to recovery, but the actual revelation was still to come. One of the side effects of Laser is that you can barely see in a dimly lit area even if u have the minutest of eye Power, I would always carry my specs to a movie hall coz the screen would be blurred to my eye in the dark, but on this day I was disgusted with myself when I realised that I had forgotten them while going to watch a movie, but as the movie started , tears of gratitude to the Universe n this Angel came to my eyes, I could see crystal clear.I can Vouch for Bhawna, s mastery over her craft. I know we need to have a few more healing sessions before I m free of all these ailments BUT I KNOW I M IN THE RIGHT HANDS. God Bless sweetheart, love u loads.

Sonia Dang