Theta Healing ®

What is Theta State?
IIt is a very deep state of relaxation. This is a state that used in Hypnosis and the Dream state. The Brain Waves are slowed to a frequency of 4 to 7 cycles per second. Theta Healing® is a modality that brings about positive changes at various levels of our being. It takes us to our true nature; our source by using focused thought and prayer. Instant changes can be felt every time one connects to creator by shifting brain waves. Theta Healing® teaches us how to locate our hidden, sub-conscious beliefs, feelings and unresolved issues that hamper our joy, prosperity and success.

There are five different brain waves:

  • Beta
  • Alfa
  • Theta
  • Delta
  • Gama

These waves are constantly in motion, everything that we do or say- regulates around these frequencies.  Theta state is the deepest state of relaxation and the most powerful brain wave. This state may also be called as a state of hypnosis.  The brain waves are slow down to a frequency of 4-7 cycles per second which was used by sages to attain absolute perfect calmness.  Today we use the name ‘thetahealing’ for the brain wave theta, originating from the Egyptian and Greek letter theta that means, among other things ‘Soul’.
Theta healing has been founded by Vianna Stibal. Theta healing began thousands of years ago and this technique is as old as time itself.  It is also believed that there is inborn awareness in the human soul that will help us to live this technique to ancient and future knowledge.
Each aspect of theta healing is like the facet surface is of a jewel.  Each facet works with all the others to create the desired effect that make the jewels sparkle.  Each person is like a jewel.  Some are like diamonds in the rough that need to be polished, others glitter even in darkness.
Healings and readings are based upon the power of control and focused thought. By holding a conscious theta mind state one can create anything and change reality instantly.

Do you know?

  • That people are more fearful of their Success than their failures?
  • Do you believe that one has to suffer to be closer to God?
  • Some people remain sick because they believe they should remain sick?
  • Do you know our subconscious has got nothing to do with how our conscious mind thinks!

The best ways to change our beliefs is through a stage where in we return to our innocence. When we are children the brain wave pattern is open to receiving and accepting new information. This is why the Theta state is so important, as it returns the subconscious to the frequency of Growth and Change.

Theta Healing® teaches us the power of thoughts. Theta healing® teaches us responsible manifestations. Ask yourself if you manifest something consciously or unconsciously! What if you knew that you are responsible for everything that has got created in your life! Theta healing® teaches us responsible manifestations. Yes, it teaches us to be Co-creators of our destiny.

You can teach your subconscious the language that defies all pre-fixed patterns and create a new purposeful, peaceful, functional language, which is the highest and best for you by using Theta waves.

What if you could scan someone’ s body for a disease or blocks ,what if you could know in an instant the beliefs that their ancestors were carrying just by being with a person in theta brain wave, what if you could connect to ancestors or someone’s guardian angels! All this is made possible through a focused thought and prayer using theta waves and the miracle of an instant healing is witnessed.

Theta Healing® technique:

  • Activates Intuitive abilities
  • Locates limiting beliefs within your subconscious
  • Instantly replaces limiting beliefs with positive ones beyond affirmation
  • Aligns Conscious and subconscious mind to achieve abundant life
  • Helps release old and unwanted relationships
  • Helps to attract most compatible soulmate
  • Teaches you to scan body for illnesses, diseases and blocks
  • Activates DNA and Gene therapy for your Highest and Best
  • Teaches you to remember your Future- Future Reading
  • Powerful exercises of Theta Healing(R) will urge you to bring about a flowering in yourself and make good use of its essence each moment!!!